To trace back our origins, we need to go back in time to 1999, when our founder, Antonio (known as "Saro") Cascone, began his long journey in the furniture assembly industry.

From the province of Ragusa in Sicily, a simple collaboration between two partners evolved over time into a specialized company with a total of 16 employees who, with dedication and professionalism in their installations, carried out projects in northern Italy and France.

It was during one of these projects, while setting up a booth for a major home furnishing event, that Saro felt the desire to create his own space, a place where he could give shape to his passion for all things related to the home environment.

CasconeHome was beginning to take shape, at least in Saro's wishes.

Driven by his passion and the desire to create a unique place where everyone could see their dreams and visions for their home come true, Saro decided to start his own business to bring his ambitious project to life: his own showroom.

Today, for us, CasconeHome is much more than just a showroom. It is the result of years of sacrifice, dedication, passion, and commitment. It is a place where people's dreams come to life, offering a tailored pre and post-purchase experience based on their desires and needs.

It has grown and evolved over time, now boasting two retail locations where one can find everything for a home, from doors and windows to furnishings. But that's another story we'll tell you when we're ready to say:

Welcome to CasconeHome, where home passion is continuously evolving.

Our journey began in 2011 when Antonio ("Saro") Cascone founded "Cascone porte e finestre" in Ragusa, Italy.

As evident from the company name, initially our business focused on selling and installing doors and windows, which are essential elements of any home.

Thanks to our attention to detail and the quality of products offered by our exclusive partners, we were soon recognized in the market as one of the main reference points, and we began to undertake projects in another key location in our history: Malta.

Over the years, more and more Maltese families decided to rely on the quality of our fixtures and the precision of our installation team, which further fueled our passion for homes.

Years of experience and listening to the needs of each individual allowed us to understand one of the main sources of stress for those renovating or furnishing their homes for the first time: having to deal with multiple partners and not having a single point of reference for their project.

This is how the idea of expanding our areas of interest to the entire world of interior design started to gain traction, no longer limiting ourselves to just doors and windows.

Our goal became to accompany every person in the design and realization of their dream home in every aspect, representing the ideal partner that many of our customers struggled to find.

The desire and determination to position ourselves as the sole point of reference for any home project led us to take the next step in 2018: founding "CasconeHome".

The first CasconeHome showroom was established in Malta with the aim of providing every person with a single contact to start their home project, making every phase of the process seamless, transparent, and tailored to their specific needs.

We quickly gained recognition in the Maltese market as a reference for creating elegant and refined environments, partnering with top Made in Italy brands and offering high-quality products complemented by customer-centric service.

Encouraged by our success, we took on the challenge of transforming our first company, "Cascone porte e finestre," in Ragusa, Italy, aligning it with the CasconeHome concept and offering a comprehensive range of interior design solutions.

From here, in 2022, the transformation of "Cascone porte e finestre" into "CasconeHome - Arredamento, porte e finestre" reached its culmination, creating a place where every home need can be fulfilled.

Today, our large family extends to Malta and Ragusa, Italy, continuing to provide a customer-centric approach, believing that pre- and post-sales assistance is essential in establishing long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

Our goal is to help you design a home... that makes you feel at home!

Have a good browsing in CasconeHome!

Visit us in our new SHOW ROOM and see for yourself the quality of our products.